Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Work Party Saturday December 21st 12-3PM

Season's greetings U-Heights P-Patch volunteers! 
(and nothing says Christmas more than shoveling dirt, right?)

Paula Perkins has kindly agreed to host our last formal work-party of 2013 on Saturday, December 21st from 12-3pm
We realize that work-party dates and times may not work for everyone, so if you have the time and inclination, feel free to work on-site when it is convenient for you.  

If you need access to the tools in the toolshed, please email Geoff at geoffberg@yahoo.com or call him at 206-422-6512

Wooden framed beds in the north section can be weeded before adding soil to them.

Soil from the large pile near our shed can be moved via wheelbarrow into any of the beds.  We suggest to ensure all beds have been filled only 3 inches on the bottom, rather than fill beds the beds completely.  We will likely need to amend that soil with lighter material later.  

Please be sure to write your hours in the white notebook in the shed. 
If we don't see you beforehand, best wishes for the holidays:)  

We will keep you posted for upcoming work parties in 2014!

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